Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love Quilts

Noell is in charge of our Love Quilt project. Every year we make quilts for the preschoolers in the local Head Start program. They are very simple---just 6" finished squares, alternating colors. (No different patterns means no arguing among preschoolers.) But they are all different fabrics and colors---all donations from guild members.

At the September Retreat Noell is going to have us cut up the donation fabric into kits. Here she's explaining the kit to Kathy G.

She needs fabric---good kid's colors and prints.

Next time you are buying something for yourself, buy something for the Love Quilts.
 A long quarter yard of a splashy print will make about six of the 6-1/2" squares we'll be cutting.

And here are some instructions Sammie wrote up last year from the web page:

Alternating Square Love Quilt Kit for HeadStart

In this kit there are 56 squares and backing. There are squares for a quilt top of  2 fabrics, 3 or 4  with the layout for each.

Lay out the fabrics as suggested and then sew them with a 1/4" seam allowance.

You can either put the top and back together pillowcase style after piecing and before quilting, or bind it after it is quilted.

Do not use batting. Quilt simply or tie as desired.

One way to quilt it is to echo quilt on either side of each seam.
Another is to use a decorative stitch---one of those you never use on your sewing machine.

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