Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks to Janet

For editing and publishing the newsletter.

Here's a note from her in the December issue:

Many, many “thank yous” go out to all KVQG members! With everyone’s support and hard work, ours is one of the best guilds in the whole country. If prizes could be given, everyone would receive a special prize for their support. Special thanks to all of our our board members and to those who hold chair positions for all of the extra work and time that it takes to make our guild special. All it takes is attending a single meeting to see how talented our members are and to give us a sense of pride. Be sure to take a workshop in 2011, learn new skills, and get to know your fellow guild members.

Everyone has a different story to tell and skills to share. Bring a friend to a meeting and let them in on our secrets! See you all in January when we will welcome Linda Frost as our first speaker of the new year! Cheers to a wonderful holiday and new year!

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