Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Bad for Sue

The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue
Seamsters' Union

There's been some recent correspondence about this quilt. It was not a guild quilt. It was an anti-guild quilt. There was a rash of Sunbonnet Sue quilts at show and tell for about a year, each cuter, lacier and more sentimentalized than the last.

Patty Boyer
Strangled by a Sunflower

Several artists learned to sew just for this quilt in 1979 and have never made another quilt block.

Here's some of the copy from the Quilt Index which pictures it because it is now in the collection of Michigan State University's gallery, donated by a collector named Kitty Clark Cole .

Twenty multi-colored applique blocks depicted Sunbonnet Sue being "done in" in a variety of ways. The blocks each measure 11 1/2" square.

The blocks are (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. Self-immolation, Cathy Dwigans 2. Dr. La Fong's Cure for Cuteness, Bryan Anderson 3. O.D., Nadra Dangerfield 4. Skylab Accident, Carol Gilham Jones

5. Sunbonnet Soup, Bette Kelley

6. Strangled by a Sunflower, Patty Boyer 7. Food For Worms, Nadra Dangerfield .
8. Sunbonnet Sioux, Bonnie Dill
9. Three Mile Island, Georgann Englinski
10. Eaten by a Snake, Nadra Dangerfield

11. Mummified, Gloria Hood
12. Struck by Lightning, Carol Gilham Jones 13. Tied to the Tracks, Georgann Eglinski 14. Lost in Space, Bette Kelley 15. Sunbonnet Sue-icide, Barbara Brackman 16. Squashed by a Rock, Barbara Brackman

17. Suestown, Guyana, Laurie Metzinger Schwarm

18. Jaws III, Nancy Metzinger 19. Died for Love, Nadra Dangerfield 20. Run in With the Mob, Georgann Eglinski

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  1. There are no words for how much I love this quilt.