Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kris Has a Show at Harper's Fabrics

Machine quilter Kris Barlow's quilts are on view this month at Harper's in Overland Park.

Here's what she says in their newsletter:

Since I was very young I have been making and remaking things to decorate myself and my environment. I have had minimal formal art training but am naturally drawn to color, texture, line and form. I have spent my life learning and exploring traditional crafts and fine art. I combine these skills to create art, both wearable and decorative that is whimsical, colorful and original. I have designed in many mediums from metals to fiber, though my latest love is quilting. Currently, I divide my time between working as an AutoCad drafter for Westar Energy and my business as a longarm quilter, quilting for others as well as myself.

     I approach each quilt on an individual basis. I am not known to be a practical longarm quilter, nor am I an efficient quilter. My goal is not to get through each quilt without picking up my needle, but to give each quilt its due. I like to live with a quilt top for a few days… looking, pondering and waiting until inspiration hits. It usually comes at a time that I am least expecting it, then I can start the actual quilting.

Here's a link

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