Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 19th & 20th: Deb Rowden, Improvised Quilts

Housetop by Deb Rowden

Improvised Quilts by our own Deb Rowden

Deb's quilt passion is working by improvisation. She's made improvised quilts, collected them, studied them and edited books on the topic for years.

Log Cabin by Deb Rowden
There is nothing new or modern about improvised quilts. They have been with us as long as there have been quilts, sometimes with other labels: rogue, maverick, utilitarian or thrift shop quilts.

Deb will talk about the definition of improvisation, the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Anna Williams, Lucille Young, and more. She will also explode a few popular myths about who makes improvised quilts. We’ll examine quilts from Deb’s wacky collection, along with historic samples of improvisation.

Feel free to bring along your own improvised quilts to show and tell.

Deb works from her home in Lawrence writing and editing quilt books for the Kansas City Star and C&T Publishing. She is in her 10th year working as a freelance quilt editor. In that time, she has written 5 quilt books and edited 75.
Log Cabin by Deb

Check out her blog Thrift Shop Quilts here:

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