Monday, March 10, 2014

Darke County Sampler Block 3

Block # 3 Love Apple
This month in your newsletter you get
the pattern for the Love Apple.

Many of the Ohio samplers include
this pattern, some with straight stems...

From Sue Cummings's book

Some with curved stems.

From Shelley Zegart's collection

This one from the Cummings book has two
versions of the Love Apple.

Detail of the Sunnyside Album
"Presented by your Scholars
Sunnyside "

The quilt above, made for a teacher at the Sunnyside school, belongs to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Nebraska. See the whole quilt here:

We're doing a 6-month quilt but you may be on a roll and need more patterns. We aren't the only ones to be inspired by these Ohio albums. Dawn Heese has a pattern she calls the Sunnyside Sampler

See her post on it here:

Common Threads Quilt Shop in Waxhatchie, Texas
is currently kitting it as a block of the month. They may have patterns to sell.

Victoria's Friendship Quilt by Lori Smith

Lori's small quilt (I think it's 48 x 58") features the eagle and the different-sized blocks typical of the Ohio samplers.

I'll show you another new quilt inspired by
the Ohio samplers next month.

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  1. Barbara - they are all masterpieces. Love the sunny happy colors.