Thursday, April 10, 2014

Darke County Sampler Block 4

Block 4
The Eagle
The pattern for this simple eagle is in your April newsletter.
It finishes to 18" square.

Eagles are almost a necessity in the Ohio samplers.
The banner on ours is hard to see here. We made
it white on ivory. May change it and make it darker.

The Sunnyside Album from the international
Quilt Study Center and Museum

Most of them have similar layered wings and tails;
many feature a banner in the beak.
Some have both arrows and olive branch but
many are quite warlike with arrows only, as above.

They often have stars floating behind them.
This is one of the oldest versions of this eagle I've seen.

"Remember the Giver."
1898, The Peter Shank quilt

The stars are most often free-hand cut, 6-pointed stars
with circles atop.
Four pointed stars....

Here's a version with layered circles and an empty banner.

A 20th-century eagle
Many of the shields have reverse appliqued
stripes. Some tails have two layers of
feathers, some three.

Eleanor Burns sells a Go Cutter set to cut
a similar eagle.

And if you need more block ideas
see if you can find Jan Patek's
Miami Valley Album Quilt pattern from 2010.

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