Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Darke County Sampler Block 6 & Set

Pattern 6:
The Mexican Rose

This is the last applique pattern for our Darke County Sampler.

Variations of the traditional block appear in several of the Miami
Valley samplers. Above is a quilt from Sue Cummings's book.

It's time to start thinking about setting. Notice how the quilter above used dark strips of plain and patchwork to get all the blocks to fit.

This quilt from Phyllis Haders's collection, featuring the 
Mexican Rose, was up for auction in 1992.

Here's a black and white photocopy of the 
whole quilt.

A version that a friend bought in Mount Vernon, Illinois, with a skinny Mexican Rose.
One of the pieced strips between the blocks alternates
short strips of the colors in the blocks.

Below Sarah Ditmer pieced a 3-part stripe to the right of her

"May he who clothes the lilies,
And marks the sparrows fall
Protect and save you Cora
And guide you safe through all.
Sarah Ditmer, April 12, 1898
Forget me not."

It will be fun to see how you put these together.

In our version you have room for two 6" strips of patchwork or solids (the darker strips).

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